Care policy


The year 2016 devoted the implementation of protocols of care developed and disseminated to all healthcare ,these protocols make it easier than ever to ensure quality medical care in each department.
The teams working in services has undergone redevelopment with the promotion and transfer of unit majors and new care coordinators. Emergency, anesthesiology,maternity, outpatient and trauma department welcomed new majors during the year,while the department of medicine was given a new care coordinator.the departments of paediatrics and emergencies anesthesiology-resuscitation have seen the arrival of their new head department. A rejuvenation of teams that fits with the new managerial option focused on dynamism.
The obligation to provide medical visits,visits and counter- trials has also had an impact on the health care policy, which is becoming even more active and permanent, so that nurses teams can be closer and More convivial with patient.
The various sessions of the council of majors held during innovative ideas as to the improvement of the care. Particular emphasis has been placed on hospitality and communication with patients.the improvement of the technical plateau also played a positive role I'm the  more qualitative cares practices.

The increased policy of fighting bad practices within the hospital has been an essential asset of the progression towards a policy of care based on humanism.

The quality approach is set in perspective for will lead to a periodical service assessment and thus further refine the practice of care at the laquintinie hospitals.

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