The year 2016 that just ended was very rich in terms of cooperation. The hospital has indeed made great strides in this field.the contributions of the partnership will have benefited on several levels,probably financial, material and technical .the fruits of cooperation have benefited some departments,which have thus been able to achieve a   very significant improvement in the quality of care and the working environment .among the beneficiary services are :
• The laboratory and the blood bank
The laboratory is engaged in a process of accreditation by the who, which has allowed it to be the  receptacle of a consortium formed by PEPFAR, CDC,GHSS, and Expertise France, which provided material and bloodblood banks of which the hospital of laquintinie is the main provider of the city.

• Pediatrics
It is a segment that receives particular attention from this sense, important work was carried out by CDC associated with PEPFAR, including the complete renewal of the restoration of the toilets and the resorption  of the waterproofing.At the same time, the Samuel eto'o foundation has  completed the construction of the pavilion dedicated to pediatric emergency and resuscitation. The  foundation has also ordered the equipment that will be used to function with these cases.
• The day hospital
HIV/aids care also received positive feedback from partners. The day  hospital that welcomes infected adults and children has  benefited from the cooperation. The NGO CDC, through the HIV free program, provided free tests throughout 2016. The organization also supported human resources through the provision of 02 psychologist and technical agents trained in counseling.

The  NGO EGPAF, for its part, manifested itself through a complete renovation of the building  in painting, the rearrangement of the waiting rooms of the PLWHA with equipment including televisions and comfortable benches.

• Gynecology and obstetrics
Gynecology and obstetrics experienced a very significant advance during the year 2016. In fact a new maternity hospital was built and inaugurated in march .Maternity realized and equipped thanks to TRADEX PETROLEUM AND TOTAL.

• Hygiene and sanitation 

The hygiene sector has also benefited from the partnership 's support .the NGO expertise France has donated five million francs to support this hospitable quality axis . a sum that procures the financing of two personnel's training on the fight against nosocomial infections in France and the coverage of the entire hospital in garbage cans with lids and bags.

Numerous other partners responded kindly to the institution's needs during the year including COCA COLA AFRIQUE/MEDSHARE INTERNATIONAL, which sent a large medicals donations equipment and supplies. The PMUC citizens company offered 450 mattresses to improve the comfort of patients the french consulate provided too support in medical devices.
• Partnership agreement with​ APPOLO HOSPITAL ENTREPRISE LIMITED

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