Information systems and works 

  The works

* establishment of a reception and orientation office
* implementation of video   watching system at all key location s
* medical upgrading and pediatric buildings
Rehabilitation of all hospital toilets
* the construction of a laundry room for patients
* acquisition of comfortable benches for a reception
* development of automatic cash dispensers
* expansion of the computer net work
* the reinforcement of some services in medical equipment in this case,the operating room with its recent column of anesthesia
​* repair of all hospital signages

  Information system

The SIH (hospital information system) application is a computer tool that permit the automatic management of hospital information.

Among others, it makes possible the production of medical statistics on pathologies, doctors, receipts by services, services and other subjects followed by the health facilities.

Home : This module is used to register patients vouchers and medical records.
Consultation : This module is good into the the statistics management and to record patient's consultations .
Hospitalisation : during the hospitalisation of patients,all the operations in is medical account field are managed in this module from his admission upon his discharge from the the hospital. 
Maternity : The maternity module allows record pregnancy records :
• editing birth declarations,
• editing birth declarations
• edit reports on the various entities covered in this module(pregnancy record,newborn childbirth, birth declaration).

Imaging and laboratory : This menu allows to record the imaging and laboratory examinations prescribed internally or externally and carried out in the center under the basis of a pre-paid examination report.
Caisse : It is the module that allows any kind of settlement of various invoices and receivables. as function  it works for  :
• Opening and closing the body
• The note transfers
• Sureties registration
• Regulation of external reviews
• Sales of medicals procedure
• Sales of drugs
• Invoicing of a morgue  addition 
• Editing the operations log
• Editing recipe carts.
• Invoices payment.
Care : the care module records impatient cares and much.
Operating block : The operating block gives access to two  menus :
• Operations folders(operation record permits to record all the necessary information stepping an operation (anesthesia,operation, resuscitation). 
• statistics.
Pharmacy : The pharmacy module of the application manages several medical sales functions which are the following :
• Supply ;
• Inventory management ;
• Inventory movements ;
• Stocks management.

Morgue : This module permits the management of the admission and exit of a casing body in the health center.
Administration: The administration module is used for :
• The establishment of a quote or invoices
• The establishment of statistical, financial and listings of reports.
Settings : this module is for the configuration of administrator systems or the management of basic data that can be used in the applications as well as users adding or reducing.

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