New vision

   The vision of  the new director of the laquintinie hospital in Douala

After making a diagnosis of poor infrastructure, absenteeism and lack of  discipline among staff,lack of empathy with patients, Misappropriation of patients and numerous cases of ransoms and sale it seemed appropriate to bring  Solutions to stem the evil at the root.
A contingency plan has been set up to address the identified has been organized around five main axes:

  1. Reducing the image of the laquintinie hospital in Douala
  2. Securing recipes
  3. Ensuring the safety of people and property
  4. Expanding the supply of care
  5. Ensuring quality care
This action plan has been realized through several activities which have produced mostly expected results namely :
  • Hearing of hearses at the entrance to the hospital
  • A guard's house contract
  • Establishment of receptions and an orientation office
  • Implementation of a biometrics system to monitor the effectiveness of the presence at the post
  • Implementation of a biometrics system to monitor the effectiveness of the presence at the post
  • Implementation of video watching system at all key locations
  • Upgrading of medical and pediatric buildings
  • Rehabilitation of all hospital toilets
  • The construction of a shelter for sick guard opposite Ashanti Diamond
  • Construction of a laundry room for patients
  • Acquisition of comfortable benches for waiting rooms
  • Development of automatic cash dispensers
  • Acquisition  of  mattresses for all hospital beds
  • The installation of LLINs on all  hospital beds
  • The dismantling of the code
  • Extension of the computer network
  • The reinforcement of certain services in medical  equipment ,the operating room with its new column of anesthesia.
  • Rehabilitation of the entire hospital signage
  • Strengthening the fight against bad practices
  • Formalization of the port  of the badge 
  • The making of work clothes for staff in certain categories
  • Acquisition of sheets for all hospital beds
  • Acquisition of mattresses for 450 beds


After the implementation of this hospital recovery program, which has resulted in the restoration of its image,new challenges arise.the laquintinie hospital in Douala today has better  than yesterday the obligation to establish itself as a true reference on which  will be able to reply the lower hospitals as well as the private clinics which do not have a technical platform. In Oder to achieve this,it commends to settle a development plan of the structure based on three peculiars foundations.  :

  • Improving learning outcomes

It will be a question here of preserving first of all the achievement of the contegency plan,and then of continuing the expansion of these.

  • Innovative care offer

The laquintinie hospital has now the ambition of being at the forefront of medical technology. In this sense,a number of projects will be explored and the results sought eventually are :

  • The practice of telemedicine.
  • Implementation of hemodialysis
  • The practice of in vitro fertilization
  • The practice of in vitro fertilization
  • The practice of organ transplantation techniques
  • Development of a pole of excellence for emergency -resuscitation etc..

  • Medical training and research
The aim here is to equip medical and nursing learners with techniques adapted to the actual health challenges ,as it must be remembered that strengthening the health system in our country requires a sufficiently human resource.

All these projects are part of a three-year development plan for the Laquintinie Hospital of Douala.
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