The research

The laquintinie hospital in Douala supported and obviously promoted clinical, technical and administrative research during the year 2016.many students and researchers have studied in different fields, thus confirming the status of learners incubators from peculiarities including :

• Medicine
• Nursuring
• Accountability
• Financial management
• The right
• Computing
• Biomedical maintenance

In the year 2016,three mains researches topics were forcing a peculiar attention

- Hospital mortality
- The battle against nosocomial infection
- Management of epidemics and disasters

The battle against hospital mortality at laquintinie hospital in Douala brought up the possibility of the measurement of the numbers of deaths recorded, to understand the causes and to effectively eradicate them.obstetrics gynecology and pediatrics are the most invested department showing forward higher indication on maternal and infant mortality.death auditorium also forced  the provision of pragmatics solutions for the reduction of death in the focused domain.nosocomial infections have been a major contributor to pediatric infant deaths and a deep study of this issue is warranted.

As a prelude to the epidemics of cholora and Ebola ,and the knowledge of the terrorists threat surrounding, they was a need of elaborating studies on the epidemics management and disasters.then, the white plan was known as the result of the railway disaster of the 21st October that was able to benefit from quality care.

 The research committee was a renovated with the coming of the new resuscitator, which led,in particular, research on disaster management. The ethics committee has been settle up and its working already on the validation of ethical research files.

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